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Megan and her pony Rivendale Eowyn

Thanks for visiting Rivendale Welsh- we're glad you stopped by to view our ponies. We would like to help you find a pony that you will enjoy. Whether it's a pony for your children or grandchildren or a riding or driving partner for yourself we may have the special pony that you've been searching for. We have 3 young children who enjoy the ponies as much as we do and raising good natured ponies that are child friendly and safe is very important to us. Our ponies have gone to many different families- people with young children learning to ride, families with older children involved in Pony Club and 4-H, teenagers looking to train a prospect, pony breeders and to adults who love to drive.

We raise Welsh Ponies of Cob Type (Section C) and Half Welsh Ponies. We've found that the Section C's are very docile and calm, have wonderful temperaments and move gracefully. Section C's are mid size ponies and our C's range in size from 12.2 hh to 13.2hh. They are extremely strong and are capable of carrying adults or children and are very well suited to driving. We currently have many young Section C's available. For those of you interested in driving we have quite a few well matched full siblings available. We will list the well matched ponies next to each other on the Section C for sale page. To view the 2010 foals please visit the Mare page to see Abbey and Viola.

Our Half-Welsh ponies are super for older children and adults and are well suited to riding or driving. They range in height from 14.0 hh to 14.2 hh. Our Half-Welsh ponies move beautifully and could be considered for the performance disciplines. We have 2 bay full siblings and 2 chestnut full siblings- and each pair is very similar for those looking for larger pony teams. Again they will be listed close to one another on the Half Welsh for sale page.

We are in the process of updating our website and it's definitely a work in progress! As updated photos and video of the ponies become available we'll add them to the site. We're also creating a DVD featuring photos and video of the ponies. Please contact us if you would like any more information on our ponies or would like us to send you a copy of the pony DVD.

Pedigrees are listed with each animal. For further information on Welsh pedigrees please check out the Canadian Livestock Records Site.

Rivendale Ponies on Pasture Spring 2009

We would like to thank the following families for choosing Rivendale Ponies:

Rivendale Mack, Rivendale Toby, Rivendale Shannon, and Rivendale Keira: The Pelletier and Gagne Family of Quebec

Rivendale Samantha: Dale Still of Alberta

Rivendale Diana and Rivendale Pecos: The Bougie Family of Quebec

Rivendale Dobbie: The Ulrich Family of Saskatchewan

Rivendale Tess: The Johannson Family of Saskatchewan

Rivendale Luke: The Bradshaw Family of Saskatchewan

Rivendale Frosty: The Vermette Family of Saskatchewan

Rivendale Meadow: The Bruynooghe family of Saskatchewan

Rivendale Sidius and Rivendale Daxter: Ron and Sandra Rudoski of Saskatchewan

Rivendale Eclipse: Naomi Wilson of Saskatchewan

Rivendale Eowyn and Rivendale Alec: The Rawn family of Alberta

Shiloh View Sprite: The Sherwood family of Saskatchewan


Dawn and Gord Davey

Box 44A RR#7 Saskatoon,SK


Last Update: December, 2010

e-mail: info@rivendalewelsh.com

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