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Rivendale Ginger and Kenview Mi-Lexie

The broodmares have wonderful temperaments and  always greet us on our visits to the pasture.  They have lots of room to roam and raise their babies. 

Our foals arrive in late April and early May and are also reared on a large pasture and are handled minimally as babies.  The kids and I visit the pasture daily and the foals get accustomed to our presence.We begin handling the foals after weaning and continue ground work training during the following two years.

The mares are very unique and all have distinct personalities.  I’ll provide a description of the mares and the type of foal that they produce below. This may be of help when looking for a specific type of pony.


Ginger and her foal Draco


Rivendale Ginger (Mi Bare Essentials x Mi Centerfold)- Ginger is a stunning small Section C palomino broodmare.  She has been producing foals of colour- palomino, buckskin, and chestnut.  Ginger is a very sweet mare and raises eye catching, spirited welsh ponies of cob type. Her foals would be suitable for riding, driving, or breeding.  Her foals will mature in the 12.3 to 13 hh range.  Her available foals are Draco, Jak, Anakin, Shannon and Clank.  Jak is a chestnut gelding with an exceptional trot, and Clank is a flashy chestnut gelding.  Jak and Clank could be paired for driving.  Draco is a buckskin gelding with potential as a hunter or jumper prospect.  Shannon is a cute bay weanling filly.


Eve and her foal Veronica

Eve's 2010 foal Abbey

Video of Eve's 2008 foal Pecos- now owned by the Bougie Family of Quebec.

Rivendale Eve (Nebo Calonog x Shiloh View Sprite) - Eve is a large roan Section C mare with tremendous strength.  She is 13.2 and her foals range in size from 13hh to 13.3hh.   Eve is very gentle and easy to work with and has passed that on to her foals.  Eve’s foals would be suitable for riding or driving.  Eve's foals are in demand and have all gone to new homes. Keep in touch to find out about Eve's 2010 baby expected in May. Eve 2010 foal is Rivendale Abbey- an eye catching chestnut roan filly.


Kelsey and her foal Toby

Kelsey (Mi Centerfold) and her foal Toby

MI Centerfold (Bowdler Billie Boy x Carona Cinderella) - Kelsey is a beautiful bay Welsh Mountain Pony.  Her foals range in size from 12 to 12.3 hh.  She raises very striking small bay Welsh Ponies of Cob type when crossed with our stallion MI Higher Power.  Her foals learn quickly, are very friendly, and move with high stepping action.  Three of her available foals are bay (Keira, Mack,and Toby) and Boomer is a chestnut gelding. They would be suitable for driving or as riding ponies for small children. Kelsey’s available offspring are Keira, Mack,Toby, and Boomer.


Lexie and her foal Eric

Lexie and her foal Eric


Lexie's 2010 foal Viola


Kenview Mi-Lexie (Young’s Coming Up Big x Kenview Mi-Erdyne)-Lexie comes from a long line of Kenview driving ponies and produces foals with a fabulous trot.  Lexie is a well put together gray Section A mare and has produced some really nice performance pony prospects.  Lexie is a beautiful dapple gray.  Lexie’s available foals are Eric, Leia, Lister, and Samantha. Lexie's 2010 foal is Rivendale Viola- a grey filly.  


One of Opal's foals Rivendale Bella and her owner Naomi

Opal is a large chestnut grade mare that when crossed with our stallion produces beautiful Half-Welsh ponies that will mature in the 14- 14.2 hh range.  Her foals move beautifully and will be super Hunter/Jumper prospects.  Opals available foals are Aragorn, Ratchet, Erica, and Twister.























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